Vedovamazzei, S.O.h.O 1.5.1, 2001
Installation : aluminium boxes, light and sound
100 X 100 X 100 cm

Vedovamazzei is a duo formed by the Italian artists Stella Scala and Simeone Crispino.

The artists are represented by The Box Associati in Torino, Italy.





   Artistic Approach

Vedovamazzei, Marvellous Harmony, 2000/2002
Installation : red dirt, red clay, marsiglia's soap water, silk waterlilies

40 drawings
15 X 18 cm

Vedovamazzei has participated world-wide in group and solo exhibitions since the early 90s.

Bright color photo prints, accompanied with succinct titles comprise much of their early work.

The artists now collaborate on three-dimensional objects, that are shown inside and outdoors.

A steady constant throughout their art practice is a humorous directness, ranging from the self-ironical to social and environmental commentary.





























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