Fragmented reconstitution of pictures

Mixed media

Oil pastel

Oil pastel

The Studio was a truly creative place where everybody, students and visitors, could immerse themselves in a creative activity in relation with the works and the theme of the Biennale.

The workshop animators offered a variety of activities and every visitor had the opportunity to create a work using drawing as a form of expression.

With the younger ones, the focus was on the use of different medias, without any restraints in relation to the subject matter.

Offered to school groups, the drawing workshop was in accordance with the academic program. The activities included group drawings, mosaic, blind drawing, and fragmented reconstitutions of pictures.

Adults were also invited to participate in the Studio activities. Some visitors spontaneously stop by with their children, responding to the call of artistic creativity.

The works of art made at the Studio were exhibited up to the end of the Biennale.



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