Jean-François Prost, Station 12, 2002

"Jean-François Prost is a Montreal artist/architect who creates projects that are domestic in scale, but located outside the traditional realm of architectural practice.

For several years his work has focused on themes relating to using and inhabiting vacant lots (terrains vagues).

His interests have led to the development of a hybrid practice, combining architecture with performance and installation work."

(Ricardo L. Castro)

   Artistic Approach

Jean-François Prost, 60 stations, 520 minutes, 2002
Installation: photos, objects, video

Jean-François Prost has an education in architecture and environmental design. He has created since 1998, many installations and urban interventions, such as Chambre avec vues (Dare Dare, Montréal, 1998) and Convivialités électives (Le Lobe, Chicoutimi, 2000), setting up temporary shelters on vacant lots, as a way to suggest new manners of "living together".

After Hypothèses d'amarrages (Skol, 2001) and Hypothèses d'insertions (Axe-Néo7, 2002) with the SYN collective, Jean-François Prost have other projects on the way with Galerie Optica (Montréal) and Stride Gallery (Calgary) this fall.

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