Cees Krijnen gave a performance with his mother on Sunday, October 6, 2002, at 11:30 AM., at the Fonderie Darling, 745 Ottawa Street, at the corner of Prince, followed by the wedding.


Claude Gosselin, Cees Krijnen and Greta Blok arrive at the Fonderie

Greta Blok tells the story of her long divorce

Krijnen, born in 1969 in Holland, achieved fame by turning the story of his parents' divorce into a performance entitled, Woman in Divorce Battle on Tour 2000. At the heart of this battle is Greta Blok, Cees's mother, now a goodwill ambassador for Netherlands' divorcees.

Exasperated over fifteen years of disputes between his parents, Krijnen decided to turn this awful situation to his advantage with a lot of humour. Thus, Woman in Divorce Battle, which the artist completes with the wedding performance, is the sequel to an earlier project entitled Financing My Parents' Divorce.

In a convincing ceremony, Greta Blok, dressed in a creation of Belgian designer Dirk Schönberger, pronounces her wedding vows in front of a mirror her son holds, swearing to be faithful "until death do us part."

Greta's civil marriage celebrates her recovered independence and her freedom from her husband's hold thanks to her great patience and perseverance.

Since the project was launched in March 2000 in New York, the artist and his mother have been welcomed in many European and Asian cities.

"Long life to self-esteem!" - Cees Krijnen

  The Wedding

Greta Blok marries herself to
celebrate her autonomy

Cees Krijnen holds a mirror for his mother to kiss the bride

After the marriage, it is time to celebrate the new life

Last performance of Woman in Divorce Battle on Tour to the 3rd Biennale de Montréal

The performance

At the sound of Mendelssohn's Wedding March, the Master of ceremony, Claude Gosselin, commissioner of la Biennale de Montréal 2002, followed by Greta Blok and Cees Krijnen are entering the room.

Greta Blok speaks:

"Welcome to all of you. My name is Greta Blok, Ambassadress of Divorced Women of the Netherlands. My son, Cees Krijnen successfully effected my divorce by touring internationally and through the international media.

The divorce case finally came trough after a 17 year dispute in the year 2001.

Cees decided to complete the Woman in Divorce Battle on Tour with the Wedding.

We are honoured to be here in Montreal to share this dear ceremony with you.

Today I'm standing here in front of you with a clear conscience regarding myself, my marriage and with my divorce.

Now I can promise to myself the wedding vows because I know the meaning of the words."

Wedding Vows red by the Master of ceremony and repeated by Greta Blok:

Master of ceremony : Will you rely upon your own strength in bad times?

Greta Blok : Yes, I will rely upon my own strength in bad times.

MC : Will you have faith and believe in dreams and miracles?

GB : Yes, I will have faith and believe in dreams and miracles.

MC : Will you give unselfish and unconditional love?

GB : Yes, I will give unselfish and unconditional love.

MC : Will you be responsible and take care of others?

GB : Yes, I will be responsible and take care of others.

MC : Will you be faithful to your self until death occurs?

GB : Yes, I will be faithful to my self until death occurs.

MC : Will you except yourself with both your strengths and faults?

GB : Yes, I will except myself with both my strengths and faults.

MC : Will you live in a way that a learning process, improvement remains a matter of major concern.

GB : Yes, I will live in a way that a learning process, improvement remains a matter of major concern.

MC : I declare body and soul are united and that makes you complete in your single being.

The Master of ceremony gives the ring to the bride.

MC : You are married to yourself, congratulations. Now you may kiss the bride.

Greta Blok kisses the mirror and signs the book.

The witnesses, Cees Krijnen and his cousin Ewald Krijnen, sign the book.

Greta Blok leaves the room on her son's arm.

End of Ceremony



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