Roberto, 1999
Wall drawings
2,70 x 2,10 m

Claudia Müller (1964) et Julia Müller (1965) were born in Basel, Switzerland, where they live and work.

They are represented by Galerie Peter Kilchmann, Zürich, Galerie Monika Reitz, Frankfurt and Maccarone Inc, New York.

The sisters Claudia and Julia Müller have made a mark on the contemporary art scene since the early 90s.

They are known largely for their wall-drawings and installations with video and objects.

Their work emanates from an elaborate process of collecting photographs and objects from various cultural contexts. By drawing and combining already existing photographs they alter the contents of an original image to provoke a different approach referring to cultural background and identity.

Working with a wide range of images with an emblematic character, such as portraits of models, beauty queens, Indian Americans and advertisements they are questioning existing forms of representation without losing a direct intimacy.

   Artistic Approach

Popular Guests (José Théodore), 2002
Wall drawings
Variable dimensions

Popular Guests (Céline Dion), 2002
Wall drawings
Variable dimensions

From Our Earth, it's peoples, the treasures : On new works by Claudia and Julia Müller, from New York/Berlin.
Künstlerateliers der Eidgenossenschaft 1999-2000, Claudia & Julia Müller, Bundesamt für Kultur, Bern, 2001,
by Dorothea Strauss

"In their latest works, Claudia & Julia Müller develop cultural as well as personal fields of belonging while simultaneously marking them as being offside.

In this offside, the mirror in which role models could be reflected is shattered. What remains is a conscious play on possibilities, on imaginations, on premonitions."

   Works Shown at the 3rd Biennale de Montréal

Popular Guests (Pierre Trudeau), 2002
Wall drawings
Variable dimensions

1. Popular guests, 2002
5 wall drawings
(Céline Dion, Grand Antonio, Pierre Trudeau, José Théodore, Kateri Tekakwita)
Variable dimensions
   Solo Exhibitions (selection)
  • Galerie Peter Kilchmann, Zürich, Switzerland
  • Foyer: Claudia und Julia Müller, Kunshalle Basel, Switzerland
  • Hotcocolab, Los Angeles, avec Richard Whrigt, USA


  • Forde, Espace d'art contemporain, Geneva, Switzerland
  •    Expositions collectives (sélection)
  • La 3e Biennale de Montréal - 2002, Montréal (Québec), Canada


  • New York/Berlin. Künstlerateliers der Eidgenossenschaft 1999-2000, Kunsthalle St. Gallen, Switzerland
  • The Escape, Tirana Biennale 1, Tirana, Albanie
  • Prospekt, Kunsthaus Aarau, Switzerland


  • Art 21/00 Basel, Section Statements, Peter Kilchmann Galerie, Basel, Switzerland
  • Erste Arbeiten bei Kilchmann, Galerie Peter Kilchmann, Zürich, Switzerland
  • Clockwork 2000, P.S.1 /Clocktower, New York, USA
  • Zobrist/Waeckerlin, koorder, Claudia & Julia Müller, Kunsthaus Aarau, Switzerland
  • Prophecies, Swiss Institute New York, États-Unis
  •    Publications
  • Kunsthalle Basel, Claudia & Julia Muller, Basel, Shwabe and Co. AG Verlag, 1997
  • STRAUSS, Dorothea et LIENHARD, Pierre-André, NB, Berne, Bundesamt für Kultur, 2001



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