Canadian artist Graham Gillmore

Graham Gillmore was born in 1963 in Vancouver, Canada.

Graham Gillmore has participated in numerous significant group exhibitions and international art fairs in Europe, United States and Canada.

He is represented by Monte Clark Gallery in Vancouver and Toronto and by Mary Boone Gallery in New York and Vancouver.

   Artistic Approach

Graham Gillmore, Fatal Flaw
Oil and enamel on panel
48" x 42"

View of the works presented at
the Biennale de Montréal 2002

Graham Gillmore, Canadian artist from Vancouver living in New York, was discovered at the exhibition Young Romantic at the Vancouver Art Gallery in 1985.

Intertwining text and painting on large size format, the artist gets astonishing results. His painting, enamel on masonite, are very glossy which makes the materiality of the painting appealing and confusing. The painted matter remains fixed in a liquid state on the surface, as if in a stop motion.

The artist builds up a complex structure made of interconnected organic looking balloons. Within those balloons, reminiscent of anatomical drawings, text written and sometimes even forged into the masonite. The text excerpts come from a variety of sources, from scientific literature and Harlequin novels to the artist's diary.

Depending on the balloon's journey, one gets a different reading of the work. The interpretation is varied as it is within one's contemporary experience. The message is unstable, ironic and even chaotic at times. We are invited to establish our own relationship with the work and therefore, confronted with a complex and elusive reading.

   Works Shown at the 3rd Biennale de Montréal

View of the works presented at
the Biennale de Montréal 2002

1. Water of Life, Later of Wife, 2002
Oil and enamel on panel
152,4 x 182,9 x 7,6 cm
Courtesy of the artist and Monte Clark Gallery

2. Woody, 2002
Oil and enamel on panel
182,9 x 203,2 x 7,6 cm
Private collection

3. The Art of Work in the Age of Reproductive Mechanics, 2002
Oil and enamel on masonite
182,9 x 203,2 cm
Private collection

4. If Ellie Became Rio VDR She Would Be Tawny D., 1998
Oil and enamel on panel
61 x 56 cm
Private collection

5. Glossary, 1999
Mixed media on paper
271,8 x 233,7 cm
Courtesy of the artist and Monte Clark Gallery

6. At First Sight, On Second Thought
Mixed media on paper
38,1 x 50,8 cm
Courtesy of the artist and Monte Clark Gallery

   Solo Exhibitions (selection)
  • Mary Boone Gallery, New York, USA
  • Monte Clark Gallery, Vancouver (British Columbia), Canada
  • Galleria Fucares, Madrid, Spain


  • Monte Clark Gallery, Vancouver (British Columbia), Canada
  • Galleria Cardi, Milan, Italy
  • Dogen Haus, Leipsig, Germany


  • Nicolo Sprovieri, Londons, United Kingdom
  •    Group Exhibitions (selection)
  • La 3e Biennale de Montréal - 2002, Montréal (Québec), Canada


  • Ironical Instinct, Galleria Cardi, Milan, Italy
  • Arte Americana, Ultimo Decennio, Ravenna, Italy
  • Da Wharol 2000,- 35 Anni di Mostre fra Europa e America, Gian Enzo Sperone, Turin, Italy
  • ARCO International Art Fair (Galleria Fucares, Madrid), Bilbao, Spain
  • New Words, Sprovieri Gallery, London, United Kingdom
  • Bologna Art Fair (Sperone Westwater, New York), Bologne, Italy


  • Full Serve, Kenny Schachter/Rove, New York, USA
  • Pink, Catherine Clark Gallery, San Francisco, USA
  • Chicago Art Fair - Galeria OMR (Mexico City), USA
  •    Catalogues
  • Monte Clark Gallery, Absolut L.A. International Biennal Invitational, Los Angeles, 1995
  • BALKEN, Debra Bricker, Graham Gillmore and Kenneth Goldsmith : Whose Words, Dorsky Gallery, New York, 1998
  • PINCIONE, Tomasso, My Influenza, Rome, Gian Enzo Sperone Gallery, 1998
  • KLEIN, Richard, The Popular Corpse: A Brief History, Pop Surrealism, Aldrich, Connecticut, The Aldrich Museum of Contemporary Art, 1998


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