François Morelli, Déclaration des droits de l'homme, 1998
Ink, print on paper

Born in Montreal, François Morelli completed his Bachelors of Fine Arts at the University of Concordia in 1975.

In his first installations, he was intending to merge the different disciplinary distinctions and to establish the bases of a varied and multi-directional practice.

Between 1981 and 1991, he lived and taught in New York, where he accomplished several graphic and sculptural installations, as well as migratory actions that led him to travel across North America, Europe, and North Africa.

As he returned to Québec in 1991, he joined the Fine Arts Section of the department of Arts at the UQTR as a drawing professor

   Artistic Approach
His research still questions the status of the object within the creation process and the perception of the work.

Notions of passage, circulation and transformation are essential in his work; according to him, the object is often the echo of a passed action or an intervention translating the relation of the artist with society, individuals between themselves, or of an individual with the object.

   Project for the Biennale

François Morelli, The Riding Lesson, 1995
Ink, print on paper
"Over the years my drawing intersts have often incorporated commercial forms of mechanical reproduction (photocopy, ozaloid prints, stencils and rubber stamps"). I first used a rubber stamps in 1989 during an action / event commemorating the life and works of the American Fluxus artist Robert Watts. Having had a stamp made of Watt's signature, I recreated a conceptual codex recording stamped body parts symbolically donated by friends. In 1990 I began having stamps made from my drawings which I used in sculptures, and shortly after in the Hieratic Suite, I began using stencils based on western and non-western classical figures to construct a cast of characters. Inscrire le corps, Indexer le Lieu at La Chambre Blanche in Québec City (1993) marks the first of numerous architectural wall drawings.

The images for these rubber stamps have been taken from a variety of sources including anatomical illustrations, the social and natural sciences, art history, and my own surroundings (studio tools, Sketchbooks and photographs). This inventory of recycled images constitutes a personal vocabulary which functions like ready-mades. Creating patterns, juxtaposing and superimposing meanings, these drawing explore viewing conventions by challenging authoritative readings. Subordinating mark making to mechanical repetition, this process both questions and explores the limits of subjective intention and expressionism. Primarily interested in the construction of narrative through structure and context, the drawings further address arbitrary distinctions between high and low, illustration and drawing, decoration and purity. The works strives to be excessive and invasive reflecting a compulsive and obsessive nature. Formally mapping trajectories through different spatial constructions, I am interested in breaking down resolution and examining how signs shift and arbitrarily rely on contexts for definition. Central to these operations are the principals of transformation and metamorphoses.

Carrousel is an endless running frieze challenging the pre-eminent idea of a singular static viewpoint. It obliges the viewer to move and engage physically through peripheral vision and memory. It is obviously informed by numerous forms of pictographic art ranging art from Paleolithic caves to urban graffiti while being influenced by media theory and film history. The stories depicted in this frieze reflect the social reality that surrounds us. Stupefied we observe the mediated atrocities of our times, a running sub text to TV news that cannot but have direct bearing on the human psyche."

(François Morelli)



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