Two films were featured at the Biennale de Montréal: Dutch Heroes by Paul Cohen and Martijn van Haalen (Holland) and Body Double X by Brice Dellsperger (France). These films feature artists taking part at the Biennale.

  Dutch Heroes

Cees Krijnen in Dutch Heroes
Dutch Heroes tells the family story of Cees Krijnen, a contemporary artist who achieved fame by turning his parent's painful divorce into a performance entitled Woman in Divorce Battle. Two versions of the same divorce, the mother's and the son's, are glorious and overmediatized, while the father's is steeped in bitterness and anonymity. Which should be taken into account? This is the question asked by Dutch Heroes. Whatever the appearances, truth is not always easy to discern.

  Body Double X

Jean-Luc Verna in Body Double X
"Since 1995, Brice Dellsperger has undertaken a rereading of cinema by adapting over fifteen famous movie sequences under the generic title, Body Double, referring to Brian de Palma's film released in 1984. In Body Double X, a remake of Andrej Zulawski's L'important c'est d'aimer, Jean-Luc Verna gives a wonderful interpretation of the parts of Romy Schneider, Jacques Dutronc, Klaus Kinski and other famous actors. A very tense psychological atmosphere, where each one exploits the other and the spectator can never tell the feelings of the characters, this film is above all a questioning of identity."

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Schedule :
Dutch Heroes
Weeks of October 6 and 20
Every day at 3 PM
54 minutes

Body Double X
Weeks of October 13 and 27
Every day at 3 PM
104 minutes

Place :
La Fonderie Darling -
745 Ottawa Street (corner of Prince)

Price :
Students - 2$
Adults - 4$

Information :
Josée St-Louis at
514/ 288-0811 or



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