Ed Pien, The Acrobats, 2002
Mixed medias on paper

Ed Pien studied in Venice, Italy and at the University of Western Ontario, he received a MFA from York University in 1984.

He has exhibited widely in Canada and most recently at the Canadian Cultural Center in Paris and a planned touring exhibition in the UK.

Ed Pien, who lives and works in Toronto, is represented by Pierre-François Ouellette Art Contemporain, in Montréal.

   Artistic Approach

Ed Pien, Two Worlds, 1999-2000
Mixed medias on paper

Ed Pien, Earthly Delight, 2002
Ink on paper, with sound

"With my drawing and drawing installations, I combine Asian and Western histories and mythologies, bringing them to bear on our present-day realities.

In her introduction to Imaginings, a catalogue of my most recent exhibition at the Charles H. Scott Gallery in Vancouver, Cate Rimmer describes my drawings as explorations into 'transcultural paradigms of fear'.

My interest in the potency of fear comes from my Taiwanese childhood in which a fear of ghosts was used to shape my value systems."

(Edward Pien)



























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