Mary Doyle is currently Collections Curator at the Contemporary Art Society, London, and responsible for managing the Special Collection Scheme, a �3.5m Art Council funded project, working with developing contemporary art collections for fifteen regional museums.

Prior to CAS, she worked with the Arts Council of England National Touring Exhibitions, the British Council and commercial galleries.

She is also co-founder of the Drawing Room, a new project based organisation established in response to the revival of practice and interest in drawing. The Drawing Room has launched three projects during summer 2002, which explores the language and diversity of drawing through a book publication, two touring exhibitions and an artist's residency with a national newspaper. The Drawing Room plans to develop the first public project and exhibition space dedicated to drawing in the UK.


"Drawing is a universal means of communication and expression from which all ideas begin. It holds a unique position within the arts, maintaining its tradition whilst embracing the experimental. The Drawing Room has been established to reflect its medium, theory and practice within a contemporary context."



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