Giclée print on Arches paper
Print 1/1
113,03 cm x 92,7 cm
Courtoisie Art 45, Montréal

Angela Grauerholz has a graphic design diploma from the Kunstschule Alsterdamm in Hambourg, a literature diploma from the Hamburg University (1976) and a Photography Master's from the Concordia University in Montreal (1980).

She participated in many international events, like the Biennale of Sydney, Australia in 1990, the Documenta IX in Kassel, Germany in 1992, and at the Carnegie International, Pittsburgh in 1995, as well as the Contemporary Art Museum of Montreal, where she presented an important solo traveling exhibition.

   Project for the Biennale

Angela Grauerholz, Privation, 2001
Giclée print on Arches paper
Print 1/1
113,03 cm x 92,7 cm
Courtoisie Art 45, Montréal
Privation 2001
byAngela Grauerholz

"This series of images of burned books, Giclée prints printed on Arches paper, developed out of an event my husband and I experienced several years ago when, as a consequence of a fire in our home, we lost almost our entire library. The books, physical evidence of the loss, remnants of a library rendered unusable, have come to embody for me privation made visible.

Inevitably the images of the charred remains of books may also remind us of those libraries destroyed by fire, war, and cultural hatred; from the burning of the Great Library of Alexandria by Julius Ceasar in 47 - 48 BC, the Nazi's burning of "degenerate literature" on the night of Thursday, March 16, 1937 in Nürenburg, to the present day "ethnic cleansing" of all the libraries in Kosovo. These series of calamitous tragedies have forever erased histories, knowledge, and identities, both personal and cultural.

The project Privation, which also includes an artist's book, however, demonstrates the randomness of the event as well as that of the original collection. The book is based on the premise that each sheet of paper (printed front and back) represents a burnt book thus somewhat reconstituting a library. Attempts to try and find a sense or a possible order dissipate. The generic colour of cloth bound books promises a solution but fail. We are confronted with a richly textured almost tactile surface of a book that has become its own commemorative object, leaving us to accept its beauty and sadness."

   Works Shown at the 3rd Biennale de Montréal

Angela Grauerholz, Privation, 2001
View of the works presented at the Biennale de Montréal 2002
From the Privation Project, 2001
For each work:
Giclée print on Arches paper
Print 1/1
113,03 x 92,7cm
Courtesy of the artist and Art 45

1. Red Book #23 back

2. Red Book #54 back

3. Red Book#11 front

4. Red Book #31 back

5. Red Book #174 back

6. Logo Book #145 front

7. Logo Book #146 front

8. Logo Book #159 front

9. Logo Book #236 front

10. Logo Book #246 front

11. Logo Book #147 front

12. Yellow + Red Book #147 back

13. Yellow Book #175 front

14. Yellow Book #3 back

15. Yellow Book #163 back

16. Yellow Book #150 front

   Solo Exhibitions (selection)
  • Contemporary Art Gallery, Vancouver (British Columbia), Canada


  • Olga Korper Gallery, Toronto (Ontario), Canada


  • The Museum of Contemporary Photography, Columbia College, Chicago, USA
  •    Group Exhibitions (selection)
  • La 3e Biennale de Montréal - 2002, Montréal (Québec), Canada
  •    Publications
  • JEAN, Marie-Josée, L'image complice, Montréal, Nederlands Foto Institut; Vox, centre de la diffusion de la photographie, 2000
  • GAGNON, Paulette, Angela Grauerholz, Musée d'art contemporain de Montréal, Les publications du Québec, 1995
  • GRAUERHOLZ, Angela et Oakville Galleries, Aporia : a Book of Landscape, Ontario, Oakville Galleries, 1995
  • POSNER, Helaine, Angela Grauerholz: Recent Photographs, Cambridge Mass., MIT List Visual Center, 1993


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