Alain Paiement, F1 (Living Chaos), 2000-2001
Color photography
2,74 m x 3,43 m

Alain Paiement was born in 1960 in Montréal, where he lives and works.

He has had solo exhibitions at The Power Plant, Toronto, Musée d'art contemporain, Montréal and the Canadian Cultural Centre in Paris.

Since 1996, the artist has had extensive stays and residences in Belgium and was awarded the Ambassadeur de la Culture de Bruxelles prize in 1999.

   Artistic Approach

Alain Paiement, Local Rock, 2002
Digital print on cotton paper
13'4" x 16'6"
For over fifteen years, Paiement's work oscillates between painting, photography and architecture. Using cartography, he questions our understanding of the world surrounding us with tools and methods belonging to geography.

Following the production of huge photographical sculptures, his most recent works are bi-dimensional and show immediate living space. For example, Refaire surface implies the coming back from the bottom as a submarine's periscope view. But here we see from the top, we are observers without being there yet, some meters higher just before landing.

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